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Thread: Can I get your opinion?

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    Can I get your opinion?

    Hey guys. I'm re-designing a web site, can you tell me what you think of this design?




    The target audience consists mostly of middle-aged adults looking for a high-end microphone provider. My goal as a designer is to create a clean, simple, easy to use web site that is straight forward yet professional looking. Keep that in mind when providing your responses.

    Feel free to answer these questions for me:

    1. Do you think this looks simple yet professional?
    2. How would you rate it (1-10 scale)
    3. What would you change/add/remove about this design?
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    unfortunately, if i had to choose between the 2 i'd pick 'before'

    as for your design:

    1) too simple and doesnt look professional
    2) 3-4
    3) >>first, i really hate the colors. understandably the redish color is their corp. color but the dark grey is horrible.

    >>the logo need not to be THAT big.

    >>at least have some pic of the product on the first page.

    >>I understand your goal is to create "clean" and "simple" looks but when you design a web try to keep in mind the company's "key words".
    for example "...a high-end microphone" and "...through unique design.." high-end = advanced . then you find out why their products are so advanced and unique. then you design your web to represent the words "advanced" and "unique" along with "clean" and "simple".

    With the combination of colors and layout of your design right now it looks like its a web for a funeral service or something.

    sorry if this sounds harsh but im not trying to put you down really. just my opinion. others may like your design, who knows?

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    Im not going to agree with Juju on colour, I think you've got some good strong colour combinations there.
    However, I do feel that you are using them to excess. A little less perhaps? Thin down the grey bars along the sides, and I do agree, smaller logo its distracting.
    I will agree with Juju on placement, information and images.

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