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Thread: How do I export a Flash movie so the stage is transparent?

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    How do I export a Flash movie so the stage is transparent?

    I need to bring a Flash movie into Final Cut pro. The background (stage) has to be transparent in order to see layers of video behind the animated characters. I make the the Alfa Transparent in Quicktime but when I export it and put it in a layer in Final cut pro the movie is opaque. is there another way to do this so that it works?

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    And I have the same problem. I can't export my flash scene to a video with alpha-chenel (32bit).
    That is I export it with this options but when i import it backward in Flash it havn't transparency.

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    I'm a step behind you. I had video shot on a green screen. Had someone eliminate the chroma key, added a black background. Instead of the black I want it to be transparent, so I can have it on top of a graphic in Flash. How do I make it transparent in Quicktime?

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