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Thread: movieclip wont play until other movieclip is done

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    movieclip wont play until other movieclip is done

    i've seen this done, but i cant get it to work myself.

    i have three movieclips on the stage (mc1, mc2, mc3) and their respective buttons (butt1, butt2, butt3).

    if a user were to click butt2, i want mc2 to play. however, if the user were to then click say, butt1, i want mc2 to play out (outro?) and return home and THEN mc1 to play. likewise for butt3/mc3, and so on.

    any help is appreciated.

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    use variables
    movie1on = false;
    movie2on = false;
    movie3on = false;

    on the second frame of each move clip
    movie1on = true;
    (change the number depending on which movieclip it is)
    on the last frame of the movie clip
    movie1on = false;

    then put an if/else statment asking to check the play state of the mc's and if any are set to true, nothing will play.
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    3 movie clips
    Instance names a, b, c
    the second two move clip have stop action on the first frame

    At the end of first movieClip

    }// I hope its gonna work

    If this dosent work replace with _level0.tellTarget(_root.b)...

    Its in my Blood, B+

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