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Thread: make mc appear only when mouse is over certain line

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    make mc appear only when mouse is over certain line

    hi all....

    I am currently doing a physics report (in flash, strange yes, but o well...)

    At the moment i am expalining something that involves two sin graphs out of phase by 120 degrees.

    So i have two empy moveclips that will dynamically create the movieclip. (using the lineto(); method).

    I also have a movie clip (instance name of hor_phase) that i have already made to have an x and y value of the mouse.

    I want it so that when the mouse is over (near it as well would be preferable if possible) then the movieclip will be visible. (the movieclip is just a line with a label saying 120 degrees, so that if one end is one one graph, the other end will be on the same spot on the other graph, to show the two graphs are 120 degrees out of phase.

    The only problem is i have no idea how to do this, so if someone could help me, that would be fantastic... (also, the report is due very soon, and as much as i hate rushing people, i am in a sense of urgency here ).

    thnx for help...

    (what i have is attached)
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