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Thread: I have noticed that some of you... (this is a site solicitation... please ignore)

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    I have noticed that some of you... (this is a site solicitation... please ignore)

    Hello all who may read this.

    I am an adventurer. I travel the net, offering help to all who need it. In this case, I have noticed that some of you have some pretty sorry avatars/signatures (No offense to anybody, but its true), and I would like to offer a solution to your problems! I know of this site, of which I recently found on my non-stop trek of the net to gather information on the newest and hottest sites on the web! And the site that I would be talking about is [url removed]

    Here is an example thread on <site removed> that will enhance your Design and Graphics skills: [url removed]

    If you would like to meet a community as diverse as your own Flash Kit community, then you ought to join this site. I'd recommend it to the highest extent.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this,

    ***Note, this is not an advertisement, but rather an educational opportunity for all members on the Flash Kit forums!***
    Last edited by gerbick; 05-18-2006 at 02:09 AM. Reason: Removed URL due to member/site solicitation; which is not allowed here at Flashkit. Warning in my post below.

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