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Thread: Portfolio Site - Please Review :)

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    Portfolio Site - Please Review :)

    I'm not quite finished with this (there is content missing, such as my web work and information about each piece) but I wanted to post it in it's final stages and get some feedback from people. I would much appreciate it =D

    This site only works correctly in Flash Player 8.


    Stacey Garrison

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    Thats a gud concept used.....creative...but can improve a lot..

    Hi Shayl,

    There is a gud amount of creativity being used here. The portfolio worke are gud. But still there is a room for a lot of improvement. The interface can be more attractive, its still amatuerish. Also the navigation is not that much impressive. No links for the menus in the bottom.

    Overall its a work done well, but with scope of improvements.

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    Good concept, creativity, easy to navigate and easy to know where you are.

    A couple suggestions:

    1) make the green "info" box for the closeups at least semi-transparent
    2) think about how to prepare for more than 4 or 5 things under each category. As it is there isn't much room to grow.

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    Thank you both for the suggestions. I will definitely take them into consideration as I finish this project.

    The only thing I will defend is the choice to only allow for a few items to be shown. The reason I did not allow for much room to expand is because currently I do not have many pieces to show that I consider worthy of showing online. My physical portfolio is larger, but for the most part I was taught that 12-14 things in a portfolio is the most you really need, and anything else tends to be overkill.

    In the future as I accumulate more work and get better, I may consider changing the site to allow for more work, but I feel it works well with the amount I have shown for the time being.

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