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Thread: Open for criticism or ideas

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    Open for criticism or ideas

    I am in the process of making the front/back end of my site


    please let me know what is sloppy, hard to understand, not user friendly, etc. about the pages. And if you would like to join the site and contribute your ideas through out the building process then let me know.


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    From my amateur perspective - I would consider a couple of things:

    The main buttons could stand out more or be tidied up a little. Regardless of uniqueness or coolness to have that blur - it might look better if those words were a larger font and simply lined up in the traditional way from left to right.

    Lot's of text on the main page is sometimes not recommended. Regardless of how much we want to express or impress on others, not many people are that keen to read so much at a time. (I heard them say this on a Lynda.com video too once).

    I like the header/logo.

    I think I'd line up and make the button options more obvious or inviting and maybe push the works best with firefox statement down nearer the bottom - more out of the way. You might love Firefox - but in design not everyone uses it and maybe a designers site should be designed for all browsers.

    Anyway - good in my humble and non professional opinion.

    All the Best.


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    Thanks for the input, I am working on changing the menu...just haven't decided on one yet

    your input is put together well, much appreciated...

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    Updated the menu and main paragraph on site.

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