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Thread: Why doesnt Internet Explorer like me?!

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    Why doesnt Internet Explorer like me?!

    I'm using Flash MX 2004. I created my site on my MAC and when i uploaded it to the web all of the popupwindows on my site work perfectly in Safari and Firefox. But in Internet Explorer only some of them work. Only a few buttons out of 53 work when they have the popupwindow code on them. All of the buttons have the same exact code on them with just the filename and the window title modified for each one.

    It seems like im the only person in the world who has had this problem because i cant find any help in any other forum. Please take alook for yourself in the portfolio section at http://www.larsmith.com to see what im talking about. So if anyone could help me or at least offer a suggestion I would really appreciate it.

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    By pop-up window, do you mean a new browser window via the '_blank' target? I sometimes have problems with the bulti-in pop-up blocker in IE, where it disallows pop-ups even if the site is on the allow list, the blcker is turned off AND I hold Ctrl while clicking the link. This is especially common when the links are based in a Flash file.

    I'm pretty sure this is just an annoying bug in IE (one of the reasons I now use Firefox to browse). If you see the pop-up blocked icon appear at the bottom of the browser window when you click the troublesome links then it'll be this problem.

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