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Thread: Fscrollpane

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    I'm using to set the scrollpane H scroll to turn on


    this is after i've plotted a load of MC's into the scrollarea content (they display fine)

    problem is, the scroll bars at the side won't turn on, even though the content is clearly wider then the scrollpane window, any ideas??

    thanks for any help

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    Can you post the code you have?
    I totally suck at the internet.

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    I just had a search in the forums, and I know whats causing the prob, but no one has an answer!, basically im dynamically attaching the mc's to a holder mc, and then im attaching the holder to the content path, and that all displays fine, but the scroll bars do not appear, even when i turn them on, as in the above code....the obvious work around is to put a large invisible clip in the scrollpane but if i do that, and then change the width say dynamically will the scroll bars update acordingly? I've also tried setsize to update the size, and the scrollbars STILL do not appear!!

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