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Thread: Rotation help needed

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    Rotation help needed

    hi all, i have this sample movie where an arrow follows the mouse movement on screen. what i'd like to happen to to not have the arrow able to rotate 360 degrees, say only 90 degrees for example.

    anyone, please??? thanks.
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    do this at the root level:
    (you could just use numbers in the mc script, but this makes it easier to adjust quickly)

    min_rotate = -90;
    max_rotate = 90;

    then change your mc script to:


    var dy = _root._ymouse - this._y;
    var dx = _root._xmouse - this._x;
    _root.rotate_value = Math.atan2(dy,dx)*180/Math.PI;
    if((_root.rotate_value>_root.min_rotate)and(_root. rotate_value<_root.max_rotate)){
    this.arrow._rotation = _root.rotate_value;
    _root.rotate_tx = Math.round(_root.rotate_value);


    //the following 2 statements set the arrow to min and max if you move the mouse out of range
    this.arrow._rotation = _root.min_rotate;
    this.arrow._rotation = _root.max_rotate;

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