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Thread: Is it eyecatching or what?

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    Is it eyecatching or what?


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    AeroXT88... in the future, please refer fully to the Flashkit FAQ and please post your links/information only once, not multiple times as you've done with your URL - Site Check, Arts Animation & Illustration, and Member Sites.

    I'm leaving the one Site Check as I think it was the most appropriately placed; however the rest will be removed.

    Any attempt to duplicate your posts anywhere else on the board(s) will be considered spam if it addresses the same thing again, and they will be promptly deleted and your account temporarily suspended.

    I'm quite sure this was an oversight on your part, the multiple posts that is; however consider this a warning nonetheless.

    Take care.

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    You have a nice array of templates and they should be more visible on the main page if this site is in fact a cart service

    If your looking for critique i would start by eliminating the intro... It serves no function and is very amature-ish.(the spinning text is just wrong) Secondly I am unclear of what it is you do... Your about us page is hard to take serious (i laughed the first time i read it). Simplify your statement and make it clear what it is you do.. it comes across like you may not know yourself. YOu may want to rethink having a message board on a website that delivers services... anyone can put anything anytime and without 100% monitoring or pre-screening you will be a target for some bigtime flames. The drawing board has me confused... may want to create a portfolio page and add it in there as unfinished projects.

    The more i look the more i am wondering why i am posting however you obviously put some time into this but really i have no clue what snappy snaps is doing in a business website... ultimately the output comes across as made 'in grandmas basement' . Need to rethink your objectives and add a bit of professionalizm to it.

    hope that helps
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    Well... It's quite funny actually... I've read the "about us" thingie and it was quite touching, i mean the idea was nice, but to be honest the design is horrible... Don't know how much of experience you have in flash design or in design but the layout and graphics are poor/bad/ugly... Overall, the site is realy poor ( both in detail and data )... You should realy work much, much more if you want to do "flash design" for a living... You realy need to work on the layout ( and on the DETAIL ) and try to actually feel the colors ( or maybe this is the "beauty" that you see and percieve, but it's definitely not "my type of beauty" )...

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