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Thread: Missing Pixels???

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    Missing Pixels???

    I am having issues with screen clarity at run time.

    SWF A is loaded into movieclip Screener in SWF B. Both SWFs are set for 30 fps. SWF A and Screener measure 922x530. SWF B is about 100 pixels larger all the way around. The target screen resolution is 1024x768. SWF A contains a screenshot of a software interface that takes up the whole 922x530.

    When the presentation runs and SWF A is loaded and is playing in SWF B, we’ve noticed a slight blur (in some cases). In others, it appears that some of the words (which are on the software interface screenshot) appear to be missing pixels (i.e. parts of some letters are missing).

    We’ve tried resizing Screener and have had some success, but for some reason, we cannot get it totally clear.
    Any ideas?


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    Your posting in the wrong place, tryhere.
    I like good music.

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