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Thread: Zoomify 3.0 Component with Flash 8

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    Zoomify 3.0 Component with Flash 8

    Is anyone else using this component?

    Everything worked fine in Flash MX 2004, but here is what I have discovered using Flash 8:

    Working in Flash 8 on Mac OS 10.4.6
    Images look good at all zoom levels inside the Zoomify for Flash component window.
    Images look good at all zoom levels on the Flash stage during authoring when it updates from zooming in the component window
    WHEN PUBLISHING TO FLASH PLAYER VERSION 8 - THE PUBLISHED VERSION IS NOT COMPILED PROPERLY - RESULTING IN NO INTERMEDIATE ZOOM LEVELS BEING UPDATED SMOOTHLY (it simply uses the closest zoom level from the tiles, but does not smooth it - so images look terrible at anything but 100% usually - lineart like maps are unuseable)
    When publishing to Flash Player Version 7 (from Flash 8) - all problems disappear! Images redraw smoothly at ALL zoom levels.

    Based on the above, I can only assume that Zoomify will not really work when publishing to Flash Player 8 format (unless there is some particular setting in Flash 8 that needs to be defeated for this to work?). The above has been tested on both Mac and PC browsers running the latest versions of the Flash 8 Player and results are consistent - therefore it appears that Zoomify only works in the Flash 8 players (properly) if the SWF was saved to Version 7 or earlier.

    Can anyone confirm this or is there a fix when saving out to Flash 8 I am missing?

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    Zoomify 3.0 is only MX & MX 2004 compatible afaik.
    They made a special installer for Flash 8 as you can read here:

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