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Thread: Choppy and sluggish playback in explorer

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    Choppy and sluggish playback in explorer

    I am part of a project group that made a game called Bak-bak-bakpacker http://www.klukk.org/bakbak.html . But as you can see, the playback is somewhat choppy and sluggish. Is the explorer plugin that ineffective, or is it just that we designed the game poorly? In that case, what did we do wrong?

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    well theres reall NO telling ...since YOU designed it...

    but in gernal...
    using multiple onClipEvent(enterFrame);...or multiple this.onEnterFrame = function;

    will slow movies down... same thing with running code, like loops...or AS tweens..(that just keep running)

    using break; statements & delete this.onEnterFrame statements all help you write CLEAN code that is NOT runing in the background when not needed.

    just some things to check for.

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