Hey all,

I want to try an experiment to push this point accross instead of being flamed on the outset.

Excuse me sir/madam,

Are you religious?

Has it ever occurred to you that your beliefs are scientifically false?

If not, has it occured to you that humans know they die and the reason for most religion is because one cannot accept that. After all... whats the purpose of life?

We live in an age with science where the western world is built with direct conflicts with the bible.

Because you "believe" in something. Does that give christians, as an institution, the power to stop stem cell research... drastically hindering the improvment of the quality of many peoples lifes... just because they quote first century unproven stories?

As silly as it sounds, do dogs goto heaven apart from on cartoons?

ATTENTION ATTENTION OPEN FOR SCRUTINY: (chrisitan hand-out in park)

Q: So.. How can we be sure that jesus exsists then....?
A: It is written god............

Im sorry to have done this, but i hope it gets my point accross. I have my own ideas on life and death and keep them to myself. Certain people have been on the street, as good as pointing to me and shouting ravings about the bible. People approaching me trying to change the way i feel, and giving me no straight answer for the basis of why i should... just shows its complete brainwashing tactics and i dont buy into it.

Where can i complain against all this stuff? Get those clowns off the street, an get my address off the people who go door to door.

I want to see what people say to this because maybe its just me, or maybe people will be offended but i hope that is so because i feel the same everytime someone offers me a booklet. All i have done is just the same as what happens every day only the opposite way around.

Your thoughts?