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Thread: Any print gurus out there?

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    Any print gurus out there?

    I've never done alot with print, but I've been involved in more and more of it and I foresee that only increasing in the coming years, for a number of reasons.

    This means I need to get educated!

    First thing I need, though, is a good color book or color guide or tint book. However, a quick search to purchase something revealed I have no idea what I'm doing.

    At this point I know that I want a pantone color matching spot color book/guide, not process CMYK, but that's about as far as I've gotten.

    Do I want this?

    Or this?

    Or what?

    Just looking for a print guru who can give an ignorant web designer some advice on what to start out with and why.

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    You want a list of coated and uncoated pantones to start with. Have a chat with your printers and find out what colour modle they use. It will help you if you design with the same thing;.
    the cmyk values you can get from the web, just google it.
    Pantones are incredibly finiky though, they tend to shift colour values slightly over a range of different computers. Always embed your colour charts to the files you send to the printers and as far as possible design in cmyk, numbers dont lie.

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    there was a thread about this abuot a year ago that i posted in...i'll see if i can find it and get back to you.

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    found it. http://board.flashkit.com/board/show...print+question

    hopefully this helps you out some more. IF you need anything really specific to a job you're doing, PM me and i'll try to help out.

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