I have some FLVs and have an Access database which have the names of the FLVs stored in it. Now i want to call these names of FLVs in various asp pages so that i can replace a variable in the page and insert an FLV in the same. Im puzzled as, when i insert an FLV using dreamweaver as a progressive download video, i get some code generated in the page(this is in a html file which i tested how to insert a FLV) and 2 swf files were also generated like some progressivevideo.swf, and a skin of the video.

Now i need to know if there is a way where i can just change the name of the FLV into a variable in the code that is generated by dreamweaver and then by changing the variable names using database call, to make the video display?

Any help would be apreciated. More clarification can be done if im not clear to you.