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Thread: website layout advice

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    website layout advice

    I'm pretty new to web design and layout but I started fooling around for a potential client and was wondering if I could get some criticism... My main concerns at this point are:

    is the overall design too dull/normal?
    are the colors to dull?
    could bringing in another color somewhere to balance it out help?
    any thoughts on font since I seem to be blind to what looks good font wise...

    I have some practial coding issues I'm worrying about as well; however those can wait. Also the middle top will be where the company name/logo shall be incase anyone was wondering. Problem is they don't know their name or have a logo yet... besides my concerns, any advice/criticism is welcome! Without further adieu, my layout:

    Thanks in advance,
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    the layout is pretty good, i like it, but like you said the colors are pretty dull, its just not anything that brings your eye to the page due to the fact the same color shade is used throughtout the page. I'd try to add more depth maybe darken around borders and buttons a little more, and maybe even darken up the page.the font fits it nicely and like i said the layout is good its very broad and out across the page, just bring something into it that will grab your viewers eyes.
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    Dull or vibrant is relative to how you see yourself (or client sees themselves) in a branding sense and what audience you are seeking. If your designing for personal expression and then the content can be anything you want it to be so long as it fulfills your ideals of how it should be.

    If your designing for a client it's important to think of the client or company as a branding identity. Selling energy drinks to kids is quite different then selling insurance to retirees.

    While vibrant may cause the site to stand out it also may easily push the visitors you want away. High impact is shouting. Shouting can push away more then it draws. Low Impact is whispering. Whispering can capture ones attention longer then shouting.

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    I wouldn't darken it at all. I would add a light touch of color though.

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