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Thread: I want my site to be in English and Japanese?

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    I want my site to be in English and Japanese?

    I have a basic knowledge of making websites and now I need to do something I don't know how to even approach.
    I have an independent jazz label that I created for my husbands jazz trio. What shocked me is that most of my sales are to Japan. I have a new CD coming out next month and I want my site to be in English and Japanese. I work adapting Japanese animation and my boss offered to do the translating, but I don't know how to put the site together. Does anyone have an idea?
    This is the site in English
    Thanks for any help

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    You know I don't know how you would go about doing that, either. Google is your best friend, though.

    Here is one result that I got from a search for 'create japanese web page'. I would start broad then collect the pieces you need along the way as you hone in on the specific information that is required during the course of your search.

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    Be really lazy and have babelfish do it for you.


    Altavista gives you a box you just past on to your site that roughly translates the entire thing into terrible, terrible, but hopefully somewhat readable japanese.

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