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Thread: Tweening text to a logo

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    Tweening text to a logo

    I've got a short word that I'd like to morph into a logo. Is that possible? And what's the best way. I've tried a few things and can't figure it out.


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    I assume you are trying to do this in Flash, right? One thing that will help...a little bit...is to open up the help file and read up on Shape Hints. These will greatly improve the way a shape tweens by providing Flash with some extra info as to exactly how you want the shape to morph by selecting matching points at both the start and end of the tween.

    Why I say it's only going to help a little bit is because morphing complex forms with the shape tween function is usually dodgy at best. It would be nothing short of miraculous if Flash could read your mind to determine exactly how you envision your shapes morphing into one another. There is simply no way to predict such a thing. Flash does it's best, but the result is usually just a big useless mess. So by using Shape Hints you can do much to reduce the amount of guesswork that Flash has to do, but quality results can still be hard to come by.

    Something else to consider is that the more simple the shapes, the easier it will be for Flash to make a clean transition. So instead of trying to morph the entire word into the logo, you might just morph one of the letters as I did in the example below. This worked out fairly well even without the use of Shape Hints.

    Shape Tween Example

    It will all depend on the exact shapes being used, though. Yet another option is to use a shape tween, but then to go back and add keyframes and make adjustments at various points during the transformation. If none of this helps, can you post an image of the text and logo?

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