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Thread: Load a Vairable from a text flile?

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    Load a Vairable from a text flile?

    OK i have 6 frames and i am pulling in a vairable on each frame is there a way of doing something like below:

    fish = "line 1 of text file vair.txt"
    fish = "line 2 of text file vair.txt"
    fish = "line 3 of text file vair.txt"

    and so on and the text file would be like below


    hope this makes sence

    Cheers Slaup

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    yes..(and no).. it wont be exactly like that..but you will get the same result.

    what you will need to use is a varObject (same as loadVariables)..but gives you more control (there is a link in my foeter that explains how to use the loadVar Object..called varObject)

    basically you have create a new loadvars object..(give it a name) we'll call it myVars

    this name: "myVars" refers to the WHOLE text file and everything in it.

    so you textFile could be like this:


    when you load this up using the loadVar object...all those variables are associated with the myVars object (textFile).

    so on each frame..you can call a different variable

    frame 1 code:
    textField.text = myVars.var1;

    frame2 code:
    textField.text = myVars.var2;

    frame3 code:
    textField.text = myVars.var3;


    using a varObject is easy..if you have any question..post.

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    cheers ilgive it a go, i need it to be an actual vairable im changing not a text field but i might be able to work it out from what you have given me and ill give the site a read.

    Cheers Slaup

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    sorry i have had a read and i need the text to go into a vairable (actionScript) not on the stage, ill keep trying to sort this but if you could point me in the right direction that would be very helpfull, cheers again

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