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    I am tearing my hair out!!!!!!!

    I have created a site (using Flash 4)which has grown faster that I thought, there are 400 movie files in the site so I need to put these into sub directories.

    I have some movies which load into levels using the load movie command they all worked fine until I moved the files around. The buttons have been updated and all run from the site root but I have tried changing the links and although it works when testing when I post the site nothing happens am I sing the correct syntax in the loadmovie URL box? is it relative to the site root or not (I have even tried using the full url but that does not seem to work either

    so i have tried in the url box



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    I've had that working before, you might try taking out that first "/"

    So it's like this...


    BUT don't use the full URL because Flash won't let that work... it has a built in "safety" feature that won't allow access to files on a different domain, and that will think you are trying to access a different domain. There are ways to do it, but it gets kinda tricky.

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