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Thread: ¿Why are my buttons blinking?

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    ¿Why are my buttons blinking?

    When I create a simple button with Up/Down/Over/Hit states and PublishPreview, the button is blinking out of control. Sometimes as soon as the preview appears and other times when I try to test it and mouse over it. Keep in mind, I'm not setting it up to blink. And previously the buttons were working fine.

    I deleted the button, set it up again, and it still does it. And when I tried to create the buttons again, this time they all blinked...???

    I'm at a loss. I'm currently learning Flash and am definitely a "Newbie" so any "seasoned" advice will be GREATLY appreciated.


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    Do you have a stop on the time line? Otherwise it'is looping.

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    Select the button and look at the left end of Properts. Make sure it says button and track as button, not Movie Clip.

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