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Thread: I think I am too....

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    I hate being a bleeding heart so I try to keep posts in threads like this succinct, but since you're all being so forthcoming, perhaps I'll elaborate... a bit.

    I have no control over my emotions, (probably due to a chemical imbalance). I can't get over hurt and my depression makes me high maintenance, despite my being extremely understanding, usually to a fault. I can't remember the last time I was normal everyday happy (not 'its a wonderful life' happy) for more than 30 seconds. I can spin like a top but even a nudge sends me flopping all over (figuratively) like one. For instance the last thing that made me happy called me on friday to tell me she was getting married, I've been a total wreck since, didn't even get off my couch this weekend. The desire to fill that void in my life has made me cynical about absolutely everything else.

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    down south, UK
    i'm too quick to decide what i think of people, and it takes me a long time to change that opinion even if i am quickly proved wrong. i'm unbeleivably stubborn. i like to spend time alone. i get bored quickly. i'm irritable. i don't take things seriously. i ignore anything bad that is happening in my life and tend to just gloss over stuff.

    but, yeah most of all i am just extremely stubborn.

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    In your mind
    too much thought about everything

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    I think I am too:
    - Prone to buying things on impulse.
    - Prone to seeing the negativity in certain issues and sometimes thinking of extreme actions to deal with it only to realise that said action is unreasonable.
    - Concerned and worried about my future when I shouldn't be too concerned at this level.
    - Ambivalent. ie How I both bloody hate and love digital art/design at the same time, feelings towards certain people, life and living and more.

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    I'm too lazy to reply

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    Out In The Pasture
    I've got every one of these bad habits listed here.

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    \o/ |o| |o_ /o\
    I'm lazy.
    I'm perverted.
    I'm cautious to a fault: a planner, an observer and therefore, rarely a doer.
    I'm bored.
    I'm a coward but most measures, but brave by others.
    I'm loyal to a fault, as well.
    I am the embodiment of inertia: difficult to get going, but equally difficult to stop once I get going.
    I hold no truth as certain beyond that nothing is certain.
    I am a TV addict.
    I shot JR.
    Hush child. japangreg can do what he wants. - PAlexC
    That was Zen - this is Tao.

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