Hey all,

This seems really pointless, but i have just completed a course with Maya 7.

The size of it just amazes me.

In terms of Development, sometimes i have problems with coming up with the proper coding for the most basic of dynamic menus, to think someone has programmed software to trace each ray of light to me is insane.

When you think of the almost infinite size of Maya as a newbie, is there software that is more complex in the world than that of 3d applications?

Consider for example, i have been using maya on and off, learning, books etc for around 2 years and still i dont know probably 50% of the tools available at least. To think that each specific task maya does has been split into thousands of tools that all work together in perfect harmony... the scale of it to me is almost unbelieveable.

Does anyone remember Maya 1? What is the difference between 6-7 and 1.

I just wondered coz like i say, its pretty facinating to think of the technical abilitys of the people who develop Maya.