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Thread: adding sound loop to movie

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    adding sound loop to movie


    i wanted to add a sound loop to my movie that automatically starts playing. A tutorial on here sais: make a new layer, with the keyframe selected go to modify - frame and there you can do something... but in the modify dropdown there is no such thing as 'frame'. So that didn't help much.

    Flash help sais:
    With the new sound layer selected, drag the sound from the Library panel onto the Stage. The sound is added to the current layer.
    You can place multiple sounds on one layer or on layers containing other objects. However, it is recommended that each sound be placed on a separate layer. Each layer acts as a separate sound channel. The sounds on all layers are combined when you play the SWF file.

    In the Timeline, select the first frame that contains the sound file.
    Select Window > Properties and click the arrow in the lower right corner to expand the Property inspector.
    In the Property inspector, select the sound file from the Sound pop-up menu.
    Select an effect option from the Effects pop-up menu:

    I drag the sound to the stage from my labrary, but i dond see such options in my properties inspector, and yes i have expanded the window. might be because i am using flash 8 But someone please help me.

    tnx, Snuurtje

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    ok found out that it did work but it displays the sound as a stripe through the keyframe, not as a soundspectrrum like i saw in a tutorial? how cna i change this? cause i want to see how long it lasts.

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