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Thread: Is CS3 buggy exporting video?

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    Is CS3 buggy exporting video?

    I upgraded last year as my mate moved to Mac, so I have his old CS3 - however as far as I recall with pretty much all versions prior, I never had such issues trying to get video exported for animations well under 10 minutes in a decent format that didn't have graining, banding or other artefacts on the video, or terrible sound quality.

    A couple of years back when I was regularly making animations I don't remember it being so difficult to export a reasonably compressed video to upload straight to youtube.

    Right now, I'm having to export lossless (creating a whopping 5gb file for only 6-7 minutes of video @ 800x450 ) which invariably glitches and appears to have an infinite loop of frames from somewhere in the middle of the timeline. If it does export, I then have to use a video converter to compress it down, which sometimes also gets stuck on infinite recursion, as if it can't find the end point of the video.

    Alternatives I've tried so far -

    Lossless Quicktime - Terrible sound quality on most export settings, from aliasing .

    Quicktime with MP4 compression, smaller file, but no sound at all.

    Avi via Div X - Sound is fantastic quality, the same can't be said of the video, as this comes out black.

    Is this just something that flash isn't built to do any more, and should I look into solutions to convert SWF instead, or is there something I'm missing?

    Oh yeah, here's some example output:

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