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Thread: keeping formatted text from a word document- ???

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    keeping formatted text from a word document- ???


    Does anyone know if it is possible to copy text from a word document and still keep all it's formatting, font sizes, etc?
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    I don't think it's possible. You can import the layout and css files associated with an html document.
    However, the problem I am suffering from is the loss of anti-aliasing when doing this. Anyone have a work around for that.

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    Have you tried external css and dynamic text?

    You may wish to post again in the actionscript forum.
    It's a flash8 thing that I can only relate via swishmax.


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    Frets and I are talking about the same thing. You load a css file and html file using action script. Both are really just a very limted subset of tags from html and css.

    You may be able to create a macro that just uses those tags, but I am not familiar enough with word to know. Having extra tags won't hurt (it won't reject the file, or not use any below), but it will just not use the formatting of tags it doesn't recognize.
    You can see an example here
    http://www.chapelofthepines.com/imag...s/licenses.htm (it's the text content in the center)

    But here, you can see a similar page that doesn't require the extra formatting of the css, so I didn't call it externally as html
    notice the much clearer text

    But this is something I've just noticed, so it's likely there is a workaround I haven't stumbled across yet.
    I wouldn't feel right posting the code here, since I took it verbatum from a tutorial on another site. Am I allowed to link to that post?

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