I have created an external FLV video player in 3DFA. Well almost....

3DFA doesn't have the capability to support video yet... (hint, hint Rob) but I have been working on a way to allow complete control of the Flash Video object. Flash doesn't allow you instantiate/create the Video object through actionscript so what I did was create one in MX, export the object to a SWF, and then load the SWF using the loadMovie function/method into 3DFA.

By using this same method I believe it makes it possible to use the Camera and Microphone objects to capture live video from a Web Cam (although I haven't verified this yet) .

Flash only supports External FLV playback so use one of the converters, like Riva FLV Encoder http://www.rivavx.com/index.php?encoder&L=3, to convert your video. Also to get the full functionality of the player you need to have a v1.1 FLV with MetaData. You can use "FLV MetaData Injector" http://www.buraks.com/flvmdi/ if your FLV is not v1.1.

This player was created in 3DFA 4.5, I haven't had time to check it in 4.6 yet.

You will need Flash 7 or better to use it.

It and the source .movie are located at my site of http://www.myjavaserver.com/~ppedz/3dfa. The source download is about a 2.5MB download because I included the FLV you see playing on the site.

Hope you enjoy.