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Thread: my new site!

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    my new site!


    This is just up. The site still needs some development. Contact page/preloaders for my vids etc..I just want some feedback! What should I drop...what should I add? Just trying make it look smart.
    nathaniel murray

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    bowling green,ohio
    oh...and i just joined this thing! Feels good to be here!---nathanielmurray

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    crappy connection at home will check it out at work.
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    I've attached a side by side comparison of what your site looks like in IE6 and Firefox Also you should probably post this in either the members sites or site check. But don't post it more than once. It may stay this time but site checks/showcases are better where they are supposed to be.

    Sorry I can't provide any other crits/comments but I'm tryin to make the rounds before I head out.

    Good luck,
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    Hi, love your work.

    The site could be done in html and would work just the same, strange you chose to build it in flash. Big down side is the text, all the text is set as is the main swf file to scale depending on the browser size. When I first opened the page I could nt read the text, so I would alter that, drop it into a table of fixed width. 760 or 750 pixels and then look at the text, if not readable alter the font size/s.

    The resume animation must stop if you want someone to read the text, far too distracting, looks ok for what it is but I cant read with all that flashing around, so I wont. If its a client you might loose them.

    I would add some text explaining the line page, whats it about? and finally on the contact page get rid of the sound or have an off/mute button.

    again like the work, but if I did what you did design wise my site would reflect that much more, not being funny but the image on the front page, I thought you fixed swimming pools.

    keep us updated on the sites progress, ps if you stick the swf in a table and specify dimensions it wont squish up, FF is great but messes up on swf files if not placed properly


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