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Thread: loading external data into a check box

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    loading external data into a check box

    Im using flash 8 and im wondering if it is posable to externaly load lables into a check box from xml.

    If it is posible how would one go about doing it.

    Any help is much apretiated.

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    caithness massiv
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    you can always load the xml file (new XML), loop through the nodes with code, and dynamically set your labels accordingly ( _checkbox.label = node[i].attributes.label )

    i don't know if the component inspector will allow you to set the bindings/schema to directly point to the label.

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    Im very sure your going to have to hold my hand a little more on this one. Im working with some programers on this site and we came up with using a dat grid and then using a empty movie clip to hold a check box but ther must be a easier way.

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    in my footer there is a link called xml 101... should be fairly easy and straight forward (VERY similar to just loading plain text)..

    you can access the node tree/document much you would an array..using the XML specific methods of course.

    to load the xml file is very easy, all you need to do is set up an array/loop to go through the xml elements and take each value and assign it to the checkBox..

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