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Thread: My Flash Game Site

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    My Flash Game Site

    My Flash Game site is in it's testing phase. I would really appreciate it if you all checked it out.

    Here's the basic idea of the site: In addition to it being a flash game site (duh), I've incorporated a point system (Axis Points) similar to X-Box Live's Gamer Points. You create an account, and can earn points for achieving certain things in the flash games on the site. Not only can you compete with everyone else in earning points, but you can then spend those points to unlock certain features in the games such as new teams or weapons. Everything is completely free, and I created all the games currently on the site.

    If you wouldn't mind, head over to www.axis-games.com, create and account and try it out. I appreciate any feedback, even if it's, "I want the 15mins of my life back that I wasted on your site."

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    Not Bad

    The games weren't bad, but some of the controls where kind of difficult to master. The football game in particular, which required you to go between a mouse control and keyboard control was particularlly difficult to play.

    I also tried thin ice, and it needs more...it is sort of a rigged game in that no real strategy or difficulty is involved from the begining.

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    The concept and development is really good on this site. I think your major flaw is the overall design. That simple font has got to go. It should reflect the overall design. However, I really llove the concept of the site and the games are fun.

    Ryan Wilson
    Creative Director
    3rd Lounge Inc

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    espnonlinegames: The controls for the football game are the same controls that every major FPS games uses (asdw + mouse) and that's it. Did anyone else have a problem with the controls?

    Ryanw2626: Could ya elaborate a little more on "the overall design". Besides the simple font, what would you like to see changed.

    Thank you both for your input.

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