I'm trying to simplify a presentation .fla file I inherited. I was able to successfully build a slideshow, based on Andrew DiFiore's XML slidewhow v1 and v2, that functions exactly as the original except for one thing, there's a slight lag between slides. Each slide is a .swf file so I can add fade-ins/outs as needed and include animated slides such as converted .movs (next step is trying to figure this out in XML and adding a new attribute but I need to get something simple working now). There are a couple slides that build on as a reveal so the blink caused by the lag breaks the flow of the presentation and is unacceptable. It's even worse when slides transition to fade-outs and blink out then on and then fade out. Any suggestions or is this simply not possible using XML or by loading external files?

The .fla and .xml file can be found here . Add three or four graphic files into the assets folder, add the path in the .xml file, then start the .swf and you'll see what I mean by the blinking between frames.

I did receive an e-mail from Andrew and his suggestion to use the preloader from v2 did not work. In fact, I took his slideshow v2, and without any modifications on my part, simply replaced the content with my own. No preloading seemed to be occuring and the slideshow worked exactly the same with the preloader code as without.