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Thread: easily updated dynamicaly loaded news section xml/css

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    easily updated dynamicaly loaded news section xml/css

    Hi all flash lovers,

    Everyday im learning more and more features of flash,

    However I have a problem,

    Basically , I am doing a site which loads in various external swfs - this I know how to do.

    One of the swfs I want to load in however is the news section. The news section must be easily updatable for my client. My thoughts are that this would be best acheived by creating the news section in xml with css to control the look.

    I have it is fair to say no experience of xml and have never loaded in dynamically generated text into flash, therefore help is badly needed.

    main areas in which I would really appreciate some pointers :

    - how to create the xml file
    - how to then load this xml file into flash

    here is a link to a visual of the site , the news section is at the bottom left corner,


    Thanks in advance to any kind hearted flashers who get back,

    suzi x

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    Try this...

    You may find this "Adding News Headers Dynamically from XML"
    thread in Flashkit relevant to your question...
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