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Thread: Code recently stopped working

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    Code recently stopped working

    i am a web developer/coder and was asked to come up with a flash file that will display a different logo depending on the incoming url. The url value is passed to the file and then an if/else script selects the logo display.

    frame 1 has this:

    var urlSource;

    if (urlSource == "www.license-europe.com")


    frame 2 has the default license logo
    frame 3 has the logo specifically for license-europe

    if the url http://www.license-europe.com/ is entered no logo displays. however, a simple shift-refresh will cause the movie to show properly. once the logo image is cached it works properly every time. if i clear the browser cache and try again, it's back to the problem. the same acts for the default display for http://www.licensemag.com/.

    this used to work back in the spring and only last week it was brought to my attention that it no longer does.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i am completely baffled.


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    try throwing onLoad code around the if/else statement.


    onClipEvent (load) {
    //other code here

    Put that on a movieclip within your first frame. Im a bit out of it right now, so i cant tell you exactly, but you can fool around with the first bit so that you dont need the use of a movieclip and can just put it in the frame itself.

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