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Thread: buttons wont work in a loaded swf..help please

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    buttons wont work in a loaded swf..help please

    Hi all,

    im needing some help here,

    I have a main.swf,

    In this ' main.swf ' I am loading in various other swfs. For example in the 'main.swf ', if someone clicks on "profile" it loads in the 'profile.swf.'

    Here is my problem, in my loaded movie it has a simple menu. But the buttons wont work. Its fine when I view this particualr swf on its own, but when I load it into the main.swf they dont work.

    I have _root references on these buttons, so im thinking that because im loading this swf into my main.swf , the _root reference wont work.

    Is there any solution to this problem,

    I can provide more info if needed, please help, a commercial project depends on it.

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    If you have a button in profile.swf, and then load profile.swf into main.swf, "_root" refers to main.swf. If you use "_parent" in profile.swf instead, it should work.

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    thanks for getting back matthijz ,

    I applied this piece of actionscript to the first frame of the profile.swf :

    _lockroot = true;

    and it worked !

    are you familiar with this work around? does it have certain disadvantages?

    once again thanks for the reply,


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