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Thread: Flash movie palying slowed on macs?

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    Flash movie playing slower on macs?

    Hi, I've made a flash movie which has been uploaded to the internet.
    On PC's it plays fine but on Macs it plays about half speed.

    I can't post the link as it's for a 'secret' project and needs to be kept that way untill it's launch but if anyone has any tips on how to make it play normal speed on macs I'd be very grateful!

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    Read visitor's replies below the initial text:


    Nothing's wrong with your Flash, it looks like it has something to do with Mac's architecture.

    Check this out, I made it few months ago:


    Test it on any PC and it runs smooth, test it on G5 or any one of those new Intel dual processors machines (MacBook Pro, MacBook) and it's unbelievable slow.

    I even tested it on some old PC, Celeron 533 and it runs much faster than on any Mac.

    Cheers !
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