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Thread: Problem with myListener

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    Problem with myListener

    Hi all.
    I had a custom video player made in Flash 8 with the spec's it has to play both FLV's and SWF's. The spec's also said the controls for the movie navigation are to be made seperate from the component. Also the player must be able to control for both file types the start movie, pause, jump frame forward, jump frame backwards and send a signal when the movie is over so I can do something else when the movies ends.

    This FLV part of the player works great with the:

    var myListener = new Object(); function

    But when the SWF is loaded myListener function doesn't work.

    The designer didn't complete the spec on this part. He is now nowhere to be found.

    I need a work around for this problem.

    The movies are loaded with one function:

    _root.my_vidStage.vidStage.playFLV(value_video_lin k1);

    This works to load FLV's, SWF's and JPG's

    Best regards
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