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Thread: Publishing HTML & SWF

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    Publishing HTML & SWF

    I've been going through my Publishing settings checking them over and over.

    Dimensions in HTML are Fit To Movie. (which I want) SWF file still acts as if its on percentage and grows and expands with Flash player.

    HTML, although I've indicated to center/center. It still publishes upper left corner?

    Is there a CSS I can put into the HTML doc to over ride the alignment problem? Any recommendations on the swf or html publishing.

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    Just use simple html codes in the published html page...

    open the html page in notepad and find the body section and just after body open put <center>

    then just above body close put </center>

    this will center it horiz.. for vertical placement just put <br> (one carriage return) after the <center> tage... this will push it down from the top one line per <br>

    to help combat 400 <br> tags you can use CSS margins:

    body {
      padding-top: 20em;
    you will need to add the <link rel = "stylesheet" type= "text/css"> code to the <head> of your html page, then the above code above the <object> tage you will see there.

    the 20em is changeable... 1em is one character width... so 20em would be basically 20 carriage returns from the top of the viewable page. Play around with the m number till it looks right.

    If I am wrong, please just correct me and move on.. there is no need for all that pointing and laughing! ~MoN

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