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Thread: button / timelines

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    button / timelines


    i have an 'invisible button' that ive set up for use in a site
    which, when moused over, puts a bold outline around the image below it.

    i would also like to have it run a short MC on the click which goes quickly from white fade to nothing. I have it all built, the fade works, but only runs its full course if i keep clicked down on the button. The second I unclick,
    the fade movie quits - losing the effect.

    Any way to target the fade so that it plays out in full?

    [right now the fade MC sits in the down frame of the invisibutton]

    thanks and you rock


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    Why dont you try the GENERAL HELP or NEWBIES board

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    Yes youll get better attention there...


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    Moved to general help .

    Make a movieclip :
    Add a drawing , select it and press f8 , choose mc and name it test . Hit ok .

    Rightclick the drawing and edit it , remove the drwaing and replace it with the animation you like , add a stopaction in the first and last keyframe. Go back to main stage and rightclick teh button that you wanna asign the action to.

    On mouse relase tell target /test and play .

    Be sure to add frames in the movieclip layer all the way where you have the buttons in the main timeline.

    That should do it .

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