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Thread: Help - FLA's Not Opening Anymore!

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    Help - FLA's Not Opening Anymore!


    I'm in a big soup. I have a ton of FLA files that i've worked upon from many years now. These FLA's have been created, edited, modified & worked upon in many different versions of Flash.... from Flash 6, Flash MX to Flash MX 2004 Professional.

    Up until now i never had a problem opening these files or working with them. Now suddenly, they won't open anymore.

    I'm getting all sorts of errors, from "Failed to open document" to "Not a valid .FLA" to "Not enough memory to complete this operation". If one of the FLA's would open, it won't show anything on stage or timeline, and will only show the items in Library, but if i click any item, the software crashes.

    I do have Flash 8 Professional & Flash MX 2004 Professional. The same files give the same exact error in both software and won't open in either. Unfortunately it's been a while (About 6 - 8 months) since i worked on these FLA's last and i honestly don't know which version of Flash was last used to open & modify these FLA's.

    What can i do to open these documents? There's too much critical stuff in these FLA's to loose them. Can anyone suggest anything?


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    Seems like they were made in older version of flash.
    You might try re-installing the software as well.

    If i think of anything else i will post.
    I also may have a copy of Flash 6 or MX trial version at home. Will look and zip up if so.


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