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Thread: Animation using jpeg images

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    Animation using jpeg images

    I want to creat an animation using two jpag images fading back and forth between the two. I'm using Flash 8. I have one jpeg in the background and have made the second into a movie clip but can't work out how to change the opacity of the jpeg - any help will be gratefully received.
    - Rob

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    You need to convert the relevant jpeg to a symbol- movie clip- select it with the direct selection tool, go into properties down the bottom of the screen and adjust the images alpha.

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    first let me tell you that your MC pic doesnt need to be a movie clip, a graphic symbol will work fine for this. ok, put both pics on separate layers, MCpic on the top layer. add keyframe at 30 frames for both (you can add/remove as needed later). add keframe at 10 & 20 just on MCpic layer. at keframe 10 select your MC on the stage and set the color pull (at the bottom in properties) down to alpha, and set it to 0%. select frame on of the MCpic layer and rightclick for create motion tween. go to frame 20 on MCpic layer and select MC on the stage. set the alpha again to 0%. go to frame 30 and select the MC on the stage and set the alpha to 95%. select frame 20 on MCpic layer and rightclick to motion tween. this is an easy way to fade pics in and out of eachother.


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