Hi, I'm using the actionscript below to retrieve text into a dynamic text box. I've also embedded a font that the dynamic text boxes are set to display entitled 'Codex LT' by adding it to my Library and changing the Linkage Properties to 'Export for ActionScript' and 'Export in first frame'.

All of this works brilliantly - the text is retrieved and is displayed as Codex LT even on computers that don't have the font installed. The only problem is that the dynamic text box refuses to display certain characters such as '+' and '', even though it does display other similar characters such as '=' and '$'. Codex LT (see link) definitely does include the '+' and '' characters. I even tried replacing Codex LT with Arial and the problem still remained.

I tried adding more glyphs via the Embed option in the dynamic text box's properties box but it has zero effect. I tried adding all the Latin characters, then I tried to add the '+' character via the 'Include these characters:' option and then I tried the 'All (39477) glyphs' option but after each attempt I published my movie and the '+' character failed to appear. I originally embedded the Codex LT font by importing it into my library and changing the 'Linkage properties', as when I tried to embed the font via the Embed option in the properties panel it didn't seem to embed the font at all.

Do you know how I can fix this?

Many thanks,


path = "http://www.stpatrickscommunity.org/admin/text/landline.php"; // this should retrieve the text '+ 353 (0) 71 9620175'
lv = new LoadVars();
lv.onLoad = function(){
str = unescape(this);
str = str.split("=&onLoad=[type Function]").join("");
landline.html = true; // landline is instance name of textfield
landline.htmlText = str;