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Thread: [MX] path problem with loading variables

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    [MX] path problem with loading variables

    Flash MX version 6 on Mac OSX platform.

    Hi I am trying to get a text field load variables from a txt file to work when I click a button.

    It works when the text field is on the main timeline, but when it is in a movie clip it doesnt work. I know it is a path problem, but I have tryed adding _root. and all that but I cant get it to work.

    This is the code I have on the button at the moment:

    on (press) {
    loadVariables ("document1.txt", "");

    The text field variable name is: mytext

    and I have named the movieclip the text field is in: infobox

    I haved spent hours on this and any help would be loved!

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    main problem could be timing
    trying to access the variable before it has completed loading
    plus, does the movieclip have the <instance name> - infobox ?

    try this method, using a LoadVars object -
    // button on main timeline, <instance name> - a_btn
    // code on main timeline
    a_btn.onRelease = function(){
    function getVars(){
    lv = new LoadVars();
    lv.onLoad = function(){ // runs when all variables have loaded
    _root.infobox.mytext.scroll = lv.x;
    }; // end function

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