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Thread: Usb Drawpad

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    It's not 1997 ?! mrgrim333's Avatar
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    Usb Drawpad

    I've really been considering buying one of those usb drawpads for about $150.
    Before I drop some decent cash for the thing, I just want to know, are they really worth it? I mean I can draw freehand a MILLION times better than trying to draw something out via mouse.

    What's your opinion about it?
    For or against?
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    YAY! One vote!
    I'd love to get a tablet... I do everything with mouse and hate how long it takes. I kinda feel having one will speed things up no-end.
    Down side: they'e expensive and hard to find here unless you order one in. >

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    dirty flasher
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    YES!...if you are a decent illustrator then one of these is a must. you can get great results for mimicking natural media, or just kicking ass in vector. using pen pressure, you can see changes in line weight and opacity...just like a pencil...i love it.

    at work i have a TINY 4x6 wacom...the wacoms are expensive...
    im also in the market for one for home, and im thinking about trying out one of these other companies that sell them...the specs seem to be comparable to wacom in the levels of pressure, and resolution, but you can get a MUCH bigger one for your money...

    let us know what you decide, and how you like it....


    links to some of the cheaper ones:



    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16883100603 (a 9x12 tablet for $130...this is the one im considering....)

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    Yes, it is approximately a million times better.

    Something to consider though, is that more pressure levels and higher resolution translates into being able to draw a smoother line and make more accurate selections when you are using it with programs like Flash or Photoshop. If you only get 512 levels of pressure it will work perfectly well for most things, but you might end up being disappointed with the smoothness of the lines you will be able to produce if you want to use it for freehand drawing, sketching or tracing. It's also a good idea to get one that comes with it's own mouse so you can go back and forth if you want to use the scroll wheel for browsing or such so you don't need two pads for your tablet and your regular mouse.

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    Just get a wacom graphire, they're good for everyone, including proffesional artists.

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