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Thread: [MX04] SWF not loading

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    [MX04] SWF not loading


    I create a small flash development and have tested it in my computer. Everything is Ok. Now I have uploaded the files to the server, tried to view it in the internet and it is not loading. Its terribly slow !!

    Ive uploaded some other files that I found in this site for testing and I can view it. My flash plug-in is version 9. So what can be wrong with my development ??

    Thanks a lot.

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    umm - not loading at all or is it just slow? i assume you mean the latter. how big is your swf? and how about the net connection: cable, adsl, what? large files do take time to load, more so if the connection is slow. and if you haven't done so already, try breaking your main swf into several smaller swf's all to be loaded into the main movie.

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    in fact it is not loading. Ive simulated the uploading within Flash and with the lowest speed and it takes less than 1 minute. As a matter of fact, my files are very small, and just like you suggest, Ive splitted my application in several files for a better performance.

    The lattest brings as consequence, that part of the functionality of the imported SWF file in the Loader component is not working and I also wonder why.

    Any suggestions ?? Thanks a lot.

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