Hi all,

I was hoping someone could help me amend this xml mp3 player I downloaded
from :


you can see my version ( smaller , no frills ) on here :


Now for what I want to do....

As you will see, to start the player you have to press the play button. Also,when the first song is finished it will not go on to the next song unless the user clicks on the skip button then clicks play.

I am trying to change the player so that it starts automatically when the site
loads and also continues to play subsequent songs unless actions are invoked from the stop , skip buttons etc.

I would really appreciate any help on this...

the mp3 player can be downloaded from the mike freidel link above. Then you can view the actionscript etc.

please anyone...i know that sounds desperate but i am, I have a deadline fast approaching and who better to help me but my fellow flashers...

thanks in advance..