hi everyone...
i have a problem... and i was looking in a lot of places for the solution and it looks like a dead end.
it 's about making a flash chart in flash.the resulted swf will accept some parameters and it will display the graff acoording to thoes parameters.no big deal. but the charts are included in some jsp pages (accesible on the net) so the problems apears when i need to create a report, pdf file, that includes also the charts. i need some java class that manipulates the swf in such a way that when the player is stoped (or on the last frame, or stoped and shoing the desired chart) i can create a jpg(or other grafic format that i can include in pdf) to be included in the pdf raport dynamicaly generated.

so if u have anything im mind ... but preferably open source .... pls let me know

bye everyone ... Flash rules!