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Thread: [MX04] 5 minute picture show to music....TIPS?

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    [MX04] 5 minute picture show to music....TIPS?

    hi everyone - I'm about to start a project that has a 5 minute music piece(mp3) and is going to have a lot of photos and text that run along with it. It will need to be in sync in many parts. The animations will be quite simple, disolves, dips to black, linear wipes etc.

    Just wondering if anyone can give me any tips up front about how to approach this? It will eventually be put on the web.

    I'm thinking the audio will need to be set to stream?

    Thanks in advance

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    I've found that starting off as a video really cuts out a lot of the pitfalls you might run into when delivering multiple media formats in a fast paced presentation. Flash can chug on certain computers. So you can bypass all that by doing all your editing and timing in a non-linear video editor and then bringing it into flash as an FLV.

    Again, not the ONLY solution, but when you have a lot going on, video is the safest way to get your hard work seen on most any type of computer set up.

    My dev pipeline (simplified) is:

    1. Synch soundtrack with images/video in Adobe Premier
    2. If I want a processed look, I'll take that edited video into After Effects.
    3. From there, I export to AVI or MOV file
    4. Import video file into Flash as FLV
    5. Not worry about how the presentation is running on a less-than-decent computer.
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    Hi - thanks for the response.... I do actually have a video edit done in AE that uses video footage/animation etc etc - and I will be providing that to the client as a .flv - but they have also asked for a flash project made just from stills and for me to provide the .fla's - so that has meant I have to re-make the whole thing in flash...

    Is a 5 minute presentation made in flash going to be smaller/more web effecient than a 5 minute .flv?

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