Hey guys, I would be super grateful if you could help me out on this one.

I am working on this movie website right now:


It's only the homepage right now, but what the director wants, is that when you press a button, the picture slider at the bottom of the page jumps to a new section of photos in the strip.

So, what I have done, is load it externally (Level 5) into my main SWF file, and then turned on the linkage properties for the MC that I want my buttons to modify. Here is the code I attached to the buttons in the main SWF:

on (release) {
Now here's the funny thing. The buttons work if you load the page a push the buttons before the pictures stop moving! But as soon as it stops, everything becomes inactive. It's so odd, and I can't find anything wrong with my actionscript in the pictureslider.fla, mostly because all it is, is stop(); and play();.

I've uploaded my FLA for both my main movie and picture slider, so if can spot why it is doing this, then PLEASE let me know. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the pictureslider FLA.


Thanks guys in advance! Hopefully someone can help out so I can be on my way.